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ViwateQ® Applications

Besides better cleanability and good corrosion resistance, the structure of ViwateQ® Finishing treated surfaces also offers the advantage of improved rolling characteristics of dry foods.

ViwateQ® Finishing on a treated polished or 2B-finish plate provides a better drop angle for milk powder, cocoa powder, maltodextrin, rice starch and sugar.

ViwateQ® Advantages

For the end user

  • Ideal surface condition, especially for the food industry;
  • Less susceptible to corrosion, as the chance of ‘under deposit attack’ is almost entirely eliminated;
  • Better cleaning results and reduced cleaning times, leading to increased production, less pollution and a safer product.

During treatment

  • No pollution and no risk to humans and animals;
  • No dust production;
  • No deformation of material;
  • No issues with the preferential degradation of grain boundaries or danger of overpickling.

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VIwateQ® Surface treatment

ViwateQ B.V. Geldermalsen operates several units and can handle any size requirement.

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