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ViwateQ® Finishing

ViwateQ® Finishing represents an entirely new method of surface treatment. This treatment process is both effective and efficient in bringing the surface of stainless steel to an optimal condition. Moreover, given that ViwateQ® Finishing is a chemical-free process, it has zero impact on the environment.

ViwateQ B.V. Geldermalsen operates several units and can handle any size requirement. Lead times to be agreed.

Natural passivation

ViwateQ® Finishing is not a pickling process but it removes the oxide film and simultaneously all unwanted contaminants, including the burned weld area. Immediately after the process is finished, a new oxide layer is created by natural passivation.

Oxyliser measurements show that an optimal positive potential is obtained within 30 minutes, meaning maximum corrosion resistance.

On a micro scale, the structure of the treated surface minimizes adhesion of undesirable components, such as dirt and bacteria, considerably reducing the risk of ‘under deposit attack’ and bacteriological pollution. Moreover, dirt and micro-organisms are easier to remove during cleaning and the rolling characteristics of several powders are improved.

ViwateQ® Surface treatment

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